The early bird catches the worm


BY Mel Hammond


23 February 2017

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Let me start by saying, I’ve not always been a morning person. Not all that long ago I would HAVE to stay in bed until the latest possible moment. It was inconceivable to me at that time that I could get up before the sun, exercise, eat, shower and be at work by 8.30am. There was just no way in the world.

But WHY did this seem so impossible to me? Because I’d just never tried it. It wasn’t until my circumstances changed, and I was forced to adapt my daily routine, that I gave it a go. The perception of it was worse than the reality.


I just set the alarm for 5.20am (yikes!) and kept on doing it until it formed a habit. And boy, am I glad I did! OK, there are some mornings, especially those cold, rainy Adelaide winter mornings, when it’s not exactly easy, when I could just pull the duvet back over my head and forget about Bootcamp. But I don’t, and for most of the year I am rewarded with being outdoors for the sunrise most mornings. What a way to start the day! I’m away from the screens and devices that I’m going to be looking at for the rest of my working day. The second you check your email or social news feed, that’s it, you’re sucked into another (less positive) state of mind where suddenly there’s a whole new list of things to tick off that day.

Plus, on the mornings when I hit the gym, I’m there before most of the crowd. No stealing of dumbbells. No equipment hogged. Thank you very much.)

For me it’s about doing it cos it’s good for me. Hitting the snooze button might make you think you’re getting the benefit of extra sleep, but it can lead to memory problems and daytime fatigue. By the time I get to the studio I am energised for the day ahead. I don’t have to combat lethargy with a double shot latte the minute I get to work. (I may choose to do that, but that’s not relevant here!) But it doesn’t have to be about exercise…use the extra time to do whatever suits you: spend time with the kids, fit in an extra episode of the show you’re binge-watching – anything!

There are proven physical health benefits to rising early. Think about it. More time to prepare healthy meals, and to kick off the day with a decent breakfast for starters. Getting up at the same time every day helps you to establish a consistent sleep pattern, and people are more efficient and productive after a good night’s sleep. Eliminating the need to rush is good for your mental health too; early risers tend to be more positive, optimistic and satisfied.


Early mornings, when you’re at your most productive (and the rest of the world is still asleep), are the best times to punch out those big tasks that might have been hanging over you. I see the guys creep into the office before 8 during our most busy weeks. No distractions. Just you and your own thoughts.


Even when the team travelled to Bali last year, we used our early mornings to become warriors! Seriously, we were there at Bali Fit at 7 am, sweating in the humidity, getting our workout out of the way before we even thought about work, leaving time for other priorities later in the day. Like yoga. And Bintang.


Live each day to its fullest. Build a schedule that protects the things that are important to you.

Say “See you later, snooze button”.

Get in touch with us – a bunch of positive, productive early birds.

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Mel Hammond

Mel looks after our digital marketing client offering, from brand persona right through to content and campaign strategy. In-house, she heads up our marketing team, assisting Sam with marketing strategy and business development.