Falling In Love With A New Vision – André Eikmeier


BY Sam Davies


31 July 2019

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André Eikmeier and his team at Good Empire are working with brands to help them create their movement and tribal followings. Eikmeier has had a diverse career with titles as actor, singer, filmmaker but most notably co-founder of VinoMofo. VinoMofo is an ecommerce wine platform that changed the game and tone of the online wine industry a few years ago, they have delivered 17.6 million bottles of wine at an average discount of 51% off RRP. I think we can all raise a glass to that. The success of the business was birthed from the end of era and culture change around the wine industry.

..good business is doing something for the right reason and is like a movement.

Today’s focus at Good Empire is to attract people to brands through creating a world people want to be in and contribute too. It comes from remembering what the business original vision of the brand was. The marketing strategies are alike to a wave of falling in love with something. These strategies are energised from the top of the organisation structure and aimed to trickle down to the consumers. 

It is a shared truth between the organisation and the consumers that Eikmeier is trying to foster. Eikmeier has appreciated that organisations are now operating in a market where consumers are empowered with more choice than ever before. Hence the need to consider who the organisation’s output is for and what these individuals are going to feel connected with. Eikmeier has found success through not accepting the status quo and operating differently.

We love chatting with Andre any chance we can get and thoroughly enjoyed this brief but energetic exchange at Southstart last year,

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