How to help your teams flourish at work – Charlie Simson


BY Sam Davies


4 June 2019

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Business Authenticity • Building Trust As A Brand • Building A Dynamic Team  • Recruitment

I was really excited to chat with Charlie at Pausefest this year, I have been a longtime fan of Bellroy and was really interested to hear more about the behind the scenes at the company. At the time of this conversation, Charlie was the head of flourishing at Bellroy. Helping their team and customer to ‘flourish’ in life is one of the guiding principles of the business and Charlie had some really interesting insights into how a fast-growing, dynamic organisation can fulfil such a weighty goal.

Since our chat Charlie has gone on to start her own consultancy firm called Plucky Frank, allowing her to work with more companies and help grow the number of great business cultures in Australia. From our discussion, you can see her passion for helping people to grow in their careers and find meaning in their work. A work-life without meaning is not only terrible for the individual but also the business and products/services the provide.


Charlie Simson Digital Noir

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Sam Davies

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