How to inject your brand into your writing.

BY Amanda Smith


15 November 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’ve all seen them. Flashing banners. Neon colours. Screaming ‘tacky infomercial’. These types of websites do nothing for people like me visiting them. The problem is, they’re hiding their lack of true personality, depth and value to the visitor behind a veneer of… well… nothing really.

Fresh, original, interesting and entertaining content is what makes the internet world – and its millions of users – go round.

So, whenever you write a piece of content… for a website, brochure, video or podcast, start with a cool topic, then… inject your personality into it.

And no-one knows your style like you. Here’s how you do it, with three easy strategies.

Write the way you talk

Think about your favourite client. How do you communicate with him or her? Chat. Joke. Discuss. Stories. Q&A. Conversations…

By writing the way you talk, you’ll naturally inject personality. It’ll help relax your writing. No more trying to use big words. You can just relax, be yourself.

But, don’t relax too much. This isn’t a ticket to writing too casually. What it does is help break down the mental barriers and help your writing become more engaging. So there’s not such a need for awkward “corporate” copywriting.

Colour your content with stories

Personality isn’t just about how you write, it’s also about what you write. People are drawn to stories. And we’re constantly telling them – to our families at the dinner table, to our friends after a holiday.

Storytelling helps your reader get to know you. It humanises your writing, which helps make it more interesting, and builds trust with your reader, too.

Once upon a time… No. Something more like this.

It’s your daughter’s first day at school… There are lots of ways to tie this event into an expert message.

You could talk about:

  • Doing something new
  • Making great first impressions
  • Overcoming key milestones in life

Get my point?

Show emotion

Ok, so we don’t want your reader to need a box of tissues to get through your content, but it’s important to show emotion.

Personality is messy, complex and full of contrasts. Emotion is a big part of what makes up personality. Don’t wring all of the juice out of your words to make them dry.

Let your customers feel what you’re saying – instead of just telling them. Captivate heads and hearts.

Please, I beg of you – don’t fake your copy. Be authentic. Be honest. Be you. By being you, and writing from the heart, there will always be congruency in your message.

You’re unique and your copy will be too. Your personality, experiences and eccentricities are the difference that makes the difference. Trust me, it’s your own secret writing weapon.

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