Ideas vs Execution. The critical human factor – Elaine Stead


BY Sam Davies


11 April 2019

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In this podcast:
South Australian Startups • Mental Health • Entrepreneurship
Problem Solving • Investment • Budget

This week on Digital Noir Presents, Christo and I sat down with Elaine Stead, Managing Director of Venture Capital at Blue Sky Alternative Investments, to discuss the finance industry and the critical human factor in business. Over a bottle of red, they touch on Australia’s budget spending, ideas and problem solving, and the mental health of business leaders.

Elaine is a self made entrepreneur who specialises in alternative assets. Originally trained as a stem cell biologist, she has spent the last two decades within the innovation and investment sector – initially in technology commercialisation, assisting public institutions and founders translate and commercialise their technology across a broad range of industry sectors including agriculture, healthcare and IT.

“We see so many mental health issues in the entrepreneurial population because they’re not wired to be satisfied and happy. All of us in this ecosystem – we’re not really wired to be fine with a 9 – 5 job”.

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