Leveraging stock content could have saved the Fyre Festival – Lou Weiss


BY Sam Davies


20 November 2019

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I am really excited to share this chat with you all. Lou Weiss is the CMO At Shutterstock, if you have ever worked in or around a creative role, you would have heard of them; they are the world’s most abundant source of stock assets. Having been involved in the world of digital marketing for the lifespan of the modern web, Lou knows his shit!
One of his first ventures was creating a wireless broadcast network in the ’90s. Delivering up to date, bite-sized content on demand. Sound familiar? Speaking to Lou, you get the impression he has been ahead of a few curves and has racked up an impressive wealth of experience in his field.
We touched on some of his background and took a dive into the current state of stock content and where Shutterstock want to take it in the future. We also spoke about how you can leverage content to create viral campaigns.
Lou was a pleasure to chat with, I could have spoken to him for a lot longer! Hopefully I can catch him for a beer in New York over Christmas.


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