25 March 2021

How to Grow A Linktree

W/ Nick Humphreys

I really enjoyed my chat with Nick. He is best known as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Linktree. If you have not heard of them I am not sure what rock you have been under! Linktree is a tech platform that connects audiences to the online ecosystems of brands, celebrities, creators and causes. I am sure many of you have it on your Instagram account as we speak. Nick is a fellow designer and has lead a really interesting career.

Some key areas of the conversation were:

  • Tertiary Education
  • How to cut your teeth as a young designer
  • Travel
  • How a passion project can turn into a global business
  • Navigating a rapidly expanding business
  • The role of design in Linktree
  • How to continue to grow as a leader.

Thanks so much to Nick for taking the time to speak and we look forward to seeing your continued success!

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