Keeping content authentic for the masses – Stephanie Winkler


BY Sam Davies


3 December 2019

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VICE • Digital • Marketing • Travel • Pause Fest 2019   

At Pause Fest in February I got the chance to sit down with Stephanie Winkler. Stephanie is currently the Head of Insights for VICE, previously in the Senior Digital Strategist role. She also does a lot of work with General Assembly, an organisation that equips young people with skills in marketing, coding, UX Design and more.

We talked about how content and even relationships at VICE have been bettered using data. We discussed how VICE do their best to always take a refreshing approach to their work; accommodating the need for new, exciting content that their audiences crave.

We also got talking about our love for travel and how much it has changed over the last two decades. From DIY highlighted maps, Lonely Planets and a backpack of tools to help navigate new surroundings…to needing simply your passport and phone!

I am really looking forward to Pause Fest 2020 and hope I get the chance to speak with Stephanie again.


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Sam Davies

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