The future of blockchain in the adult industry – Leah Callon-Butler


BY Sam Davies


2 April 2019

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In this podcast:
Blockchain • Cryptocurrency • Adult • Sex • Privacy • Online Security

Sam sits down with Leah from intimate.io (crypto for grown-ups) at Pausefest 2019 to discuss all things Crypto, Adult and privacy.

Leah is the Chief Impact Officer for intimate.io, a cryptocurrency that is challenging institutional bias against the adult and sex tech industries. With over a decade’s experience spearheading the business development and growth strategies for a range of emerging tech startups, she devoted a large part of her MBA to the topic of social entrepreneurship.

We had been trying to arrange a chat with Leah for a while, she has had an extremely busy few years running around the globe setting up intimate.io.

intimate.io (ITM) is a token for payments, privacy, and reputation across the adult industry. It allows access to high-quality content and interactions without having to disclose personal information, but still enjoying the benefits of reputation and reward industry wide.

We hope you enjoy the chat!

Find out more about Pausefest and intimate.io

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