The lazy guide to growing your instagram audience


BY Haydon Macleod


3 March 2021

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When I first started working at Digital Noir a few years ago, the official Instagram account was handed over to me pretty much instantly. Which was surprising; I mean, what did I know about running a business’s Instagram account? Since then, it’s basically become my second personal profile.

I’m sure it would be beneficial to create an in-depth Instagram growth strategy complete with personas, high production IGTV videos and posts to impress whatever the algorithm is favouring this week, but who has the time? I sure don’t.

Here are 6 tips that seem to work for us, they might work for you too!

*1* Semi-regular posts

I post to Instagram a few times a week. I’ve heard that it’s good to post as much as twice a day, but who has that much content on the go continuously? A few times a week is enough to remind everybody you’re still active without making your audience fatigued. Don’t forget to mix up different types of posts so that your wall doesn’t look stale, I like to throw a few text posts into the mix.

*2* Hashtags

This one is pretty obvious, but load your posts up with hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags on an image. Have a look at similar but more successful accounts than your own and see what hashtags they use, you might find a few that would help boost your post a bit.

*3* Stories that ask for engagement

Instagram stories have a lot of little engaging features that you should definitely take advantage of. Add polls, music, quizzes and more to your stories to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content.

*4* Consistent Style

Pick an aesthetic and stick to it. Instagram is a visual app, and you’ll look more appealing if you have a clear, unique style. You want your audience to recognise one of your posts at a glance when they’re scrolling through their feed.

*5* Make your own stickers

Giphy allows businesses to add their own stickers to the Instagram gif search. It’s not difficult to apply for a brand channel, and you can upload PNG images directly to the website and animate them from there. No digital skills required!

*6* Engage with others

Like and comment on posts in your explore tab, watch stories, reply to DM’s, get your name in everyone’s notifications! If somebody follows you, just follow them back. You’re not Beyoncé.

Sound like too much work?

We offer Digital Marketing at Digital Noir! Get in touch if you’d like us to take it off your hands.

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Haydon Macleod

Haydon is a member of our design team, and has already shown comprehension and collaboration skills beyond his years. Top it all off with a wicked (if not sometimes weird) sense of humour - the perfect fit for our team!