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BY David Merenda

{Lead Mobile Developer}

17 February 2017

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We’ve launched a bunch of apps over the years and these projects aren’t just limited to an individual with an idea who’s looking to make a million dollars. Some of these apps come from companies that have an idea for an app they can provide to help their staff or clients.

This post is mostly aimed at those thinking about developing a startup app, however it also has some relevant content for existing startup apps to think about.

All of these tips are really outside the core concept of your app. These lessons focus on your idea implementation and things to always keep in mind when developing your app.

Keep it simple

Your startup app must be looking to solve a problem and solve that problem well. There doesn’t mean to say you cannot add and improve on the idea in the future but a quick-to-market prototype is a much better at determining how best to proceed. This is one of the biggest points we try to get across when we are engaging with a potential start-up. Apps that are bloated with so much functionality that a user doesn’t know what to do are a huge waste of time and money, and carry a huge risk of overwhelming the user so much that they won’t use the app, or worse it loses it’s original focus.

Go global

Many apps fail to secure a solid user base and just wither away in the back alleys of the app stores. One sure way to get your app out there is to give it to the whole world. Some apps that require a massive about of data entry or set up time don’t fall into this category as it’s hard to enter enough accurate information for a ‘per city’ app on a global level. This lesson is great for apps that rely on user-generated content, as having a larger potential user base gives you a better starting point for growth.

Market, market, market!

Think about your audience, where your product fits in and how people will be using your app. There are a couple of different approaches to this, however you need to look at your app and what it’s trying to accomplish. If your app has global content-driven functionality at its core you then should look at getting it in front of as many people as you can by using cheap pay per click advertising for example. If your app relies on a niche user base then that’s who you should market to, looking for small close knit communities. The key here is identifying your market and marketing directly to them. Many startup apps forget that having an idea and building an app is just the beginning!

It’s easy to sit around and hope your app gets big from word of mouth, but it’s much better to show it to the world through as many means as possible and never stop showing it off.

Use your industry contacts (but don’t forget to market)

Use all of your contacts you have available to get your app seen and used. Having or building a solid potential user base before you launch your app is one of the best ways to hit the ground running. Remember to never stop marketing though – you need to use all of your avenues to acquire new users.

Don’t try to predict the future

Listen to your users and what they want. You may have ideas and plans for the future of your app but be careful not to set them in stone. How your user base interacts with your app may require evolution in a completely different direction to what you had planned. This takes us right back to my first point – keeping your initial app simple.

Still thinking of launching your app startup? Consider these pointers,  and if this hasn’t put you off, contact an app development company and arrange a chat!

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David Merenda

David is our lead iOS developer, and an integral member of the team. He very quickly proved that he could punch above his weight with his coding expertise and project management skills. He has a fine eye for detail and never misses a trick. Clients immediately get that David knows his stuff, instilling confidence right from that first meeting.