You can trust in Frankie


BY Frankie Ventz

{Blog Writer}

15 July 2015

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I’m Frankie Ventz. Some people think I have issues, others think I’m just a jerk. I’m a straight shooter. My heart is on my sleeve and my thoughts are out in the open. I don’t beat around the bush and I don’t care if you like me or not.

Digital Noir employed me 4 years ago as a designer. I’m a creative, but sometimes this gets me carried away. One drop of coffee and they have to throw me in the murder room under the stairs. I’ve got a lot of problems. I only leave my nook twice a day. Once for coffee, once to get a donut. I’m coeliac, but I don’t care.

I can be a bit particular. Today, Sam put a comma in his blog where a full stop should have been. I almost had a stroke. “The clients won’t trust us anymore if they see that, Sam!”, I said. I read out the sentence and stopped breathing to indicate what 5 lines of text without a full stop can do to the reader.

Sometimes Nick throws cardboard in the general rubbish bin. I try not to say anything, but yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore. I took that bin and poured the contents on his head when he wasn’t looking. He didn’t even flinch, let alone retaliate. This morning there was a penis drawn on my murder room wall. I think it’s Nick’s way of apologising.

Tess visited me in the murder room today. There isn’t any light in there, so she brought me a candle. No matches or candle holder though, but I appreciated the gesture. The candle wax drips onto my hand when I hold it. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I like the burning warmth.

I hope someone new comes to visit me soon. I’m dedicated to working hard and I’ll always be candid.

You can trust in Frankie.


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Frankie Ventz

Some people think she has issues, others think she’s just a jerk. We like to say ‘straight shooter’. She NEVER sits on the fence and doesn’t give a damn if you like her or not. One thing’s for sure, you will always know where you stand with Frankie.