Adelaide Website Design – 3 Secrets


BY Sam Davies


20 August 2013

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I have a confession about Adelaide website design and  three mistakes I’ve seen  companies suffer looking to build a new website. Don’t get me wrong, there are many local firms doing stunning work. However, having been in this business for years I’ve seen too many business owners hire the wrong firm for their project.

Adelaide Website Design: Secret #1

Award winning design and beautiful site design does one thing: nothing. I’ve seen less than glamorous sites crush their competition. How? Conversion.

Think about your own online shopping or research habits. Who do you trust when you’re buying concert and show tickets or a new HD TV? Which sites prove they’re credible and trustworthy in less than a minute ? Now reverse the process–what does your current site convey to your prospects and visitors?

So many Adelaide website design firms mistake what you want from what you need. Here’s an example…recently we bid on a sizable project for an attorney in the U.S. They wanted to develop a new  custom WordPress theme for their sites. Only, they were stuck on details related to the visuals of the new theme instead of what they needed most: conversion of new legal clients.

Yes, style and beauty are critical. But they come after answering the one question so many Adelaide website design companies forget to ask: what do you want?

Adelaide Website Design: Secret #2

What do you really want? More customers and sales? A simple site showcasing your services?

Every business owner has different needs. Some Adelaide website design projects are designed to generate leads. Others need video built into their site to build trust and credibility. So what do you want?

Not sure? Try reverse engineering things by starting at the end. Think about your customers–are they shopping many of your competitors?

  • Do they want free information before buying?
  • What about video?
  • Do the want video or do they prefer to read?
  • Are they buying now?
  • How are you going to get them into your sales funnel?

These questions must be answered before your site design begins.

Adelaide Website Design: Secret #3

What if you don’t like the final site? That can be pretty tough. You can avoid this kind of frustration by asking your Adelaide website design people to provide a wireframe before the site is built.


A wireframe is nothing more than a diagram of your Adelaide website design displaying how it will look and function. Using one helps cut through the design clutter. Remember, your end goal (be it converting traffic into prospects or sales) needs to be hard-coded into the wireframe.

Hiring an Adelaide website design firm can be frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be difficult once you know what to consider. We’ve worked with many business owners that have gone from frantic mode to success. The key is planning.

Have questions? Need help? Contact our Adelaide website design team.

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Sam Davies

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