How Busy Is A Barrier In The Way Of Happiness – Penny Locaso


BY Sam Davies


29 September 2020

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Happiness • Culture • Mindfulness • _southstart

It was exciting sitting down with Penny Locaso again, if you’ve been listening to our podcasts for a while, you’ll remember we talked to her at _southstart last year. Penny founded Bkindred and calls herself a “happiness hacker”. She has just launched her book Hacking Happiness. Penny teaches people how to slow down, think more, and make decisions to adapt, coining the term Intentional Adaptability Quotient (IAQ) – a means of measuring how skilled someone is at making an intentional change in a complex environment that’s evolving at speed. We dove into the theme of Penny’s talk at _southstart, discussing the busy epidemic. How as a society, people are forced to cram as much stuff into their day as possible leading to bad mental health, especially anxiety. Penny spills some of her hacks for productivity and managing her work into a small portion of her day.

This is an inspiring conversation that challenges people to think differently, enjoy!

Penny Locaso

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Sam Davies

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