24 February 2021

Punk Rock, Cannabis & The Art Of Ethical Marketing

W/ Cormac Sheehan

It was a pleasure chatting with Cormac. He was speaking at Pause Fest last year and we sat down and had a wide-ranging conversation.  Storytelling is at the heart of everything Cormac does and in our chat, I discovered it has been a constant thread in his life and career, starting from, his Punk Rock roots in Ireland and taking him around the world in a variety of roles. Some key areas of the conversation were:

  • The future of the Cannabis industry in Australia
  • Changing the narrative on cannabis
  • Media narratives setting us apart and we how can deal with that
  • How a DIY punk rock ethic can help you in business
  • How to learn and grow as a modern marketer
  • What is Ethical Marketing?

Cormac hails from Ireland originally but has found himself in a variety of roles around the world. He now runs a business called Purpose Communications, which is an ethical marketing agency. He has found himself consulting not just on marketing & communications, but on “growth hacking” and business strategy in a wide variety of areas – natural food and organics, health and fitness, video games, board games, alcohol, legal cannabis, the music industry, and social endeavours around youth, finance, indigenous Australia, homelessness and DV.

Thanks to Pausefest for making this chat possible and we hope you enjoy it!

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