How to use video marketing to help expand your reach – Suzie ‘String’ Nguyen


BY Sam Davies


29 May 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this podcast:
Banking apps user experience • Visual anchors for personal branding • Video tips

I have known String for about 4 years now. I was one of those super excited, gung-ho early business adopters of Snapchat. I was drinking some of Gary V’s Kool-Aid and it actually tasted pretty good. Throughout the process, I learnt a lot about using video as a communication tool for business and met some really cool people in the process (an interesting aside, we designed and helped implement the first Snapchat filters for Kerwin Ray). Through Snapchat video I ran intro String. She had built a loyal following on Meerkat and after its death moved across to Snapchat to build an audience to ‘big-up’ the powers of video for personal and business branding. She is great at it. She knows that consistency is key and ‘showing up’ at the same time every day/week to deliver scheduled, high impact content ‘Live’ is a brilliant way to build a tribe. That makes sense right?

Since those Snapchat days, String has moved across other platforms, she was given early access to LinkedIn video and made a HUGE impact on the platform. Using the skills she had honed on other platforms, she showed that having a unique voice, personality and style really cuts through, no matter what the audience.  One of her trademarks is ‘Fried Chicken’, she calls it a visual anchor; when people think of fried chicken on her channels, they think of string. I remember sitting with her over a plate of chicken in Port Adelaide a few years back when she had just started using it, she was critical of their chicken but extremely passionate about the idea and how it would resonate with her own brand and audience. 3 years later and it is running strong.

I always love sitting down to chat with String and it was a pleasure to spend an hour geeking out about video, personal branding, UX design and more, earlier this year while attending PauseFest. Enjoy!

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Sam Davies

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